Yellow Roses by Carol Kent

Carol Gene Kent Yellow Roses Prison Encouragment

With the arrest of our son in 1999, heartache took on new meaning. We had never been on the needy side of compassion before and I experienced depression for the first time in my life. One day the doorbell rang and it was the florist. I opened the door and he said, "Is your name Carol Kent?"

I said "Yes it is."

He said, "Lady it's your lucky day." I wanted to tell him to go make somebody else's day lucky; I wasn't in the mood. He handed me a bouquet and I took it out to my kitchen island, opened it up, and there was one dozen, long-stemmed yellow roses.

I wondered who had graced my day with this beautiful gift and I opened the card. It was from two of my sisters. It said, "Dear Carol, you once gave us some decorating advice. You told us that yellow flowers will brighten any room. We thought you need a little yellow in your life right now. Love, Bonnie and Joy."

It was just like God unplugged my tears. I sobbed like I never had before and felt my grief. I once again admitted to God that I didn't know how I could live through these circumstances, but I knew I could trust Him--especially since He had put family and friends in my life who felt my pain. I had never been so needy, but I had never felt so loved.