Our Ministry Goals

Carol Kent Hope Prison Ministry

We seek to help individuals & ministry leaders find ways to support and & positively impact their local jail & prison ministries.


  • Provide resources needed by inmates such as electronic equipment, educational materials, large print Bibles, books, greeting cards and sports equipment.
  • Provide resources needed for visitation areas such as games, cards, coloring books, and crayons for use by prisoners and their families.
  • Offer resources by Carol Kent.
  • Provide information on Boxes of Hope for women's ministries.


  • Assist churches or individuals with information on working with prison chaplains, program directors, and wardens.
  • Provide information on materials available that will teach inmates important life skills, such as practical money management, communication skills, positive marriage and parenting techniques.
  • Provide DVD teaching programs and Bible study workbooks for inmate-facilitated classes.


  • Provide communications training for people doing evangelism and Bible teaching (both family members of inmates and our military missionaries).

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