Speak Up For Hope Representatives

Jason Kent

Jason Kent

Many people ask about being a Speak Up for Hope representative in their area of the country. That is flattering, but it isn’t necessary. You see, we don’t have a special monopoly or license that certifies someone to bless others. We simply do whatever we can do right where we are, and that is exactly what we want to encourage everyone else to do.

We at Speak Up for Hope are under ten people total, but we are sharing our ideas and encouragement with untold thousands. It’s all of you out there that really do the magic of blessing your own community with your lives. We can share what’s worked for us and offer a model for you to take and in turn tweak for your local needs. You know your people, their hearts and their hurts, and you are placed by God in the best spot to help them.

So, check us out for ideas and encouragement, and then invent, create, build, and bless others with courageous love and bold abandon. As you grow through the adventures you’ll have, share with us what worked and what didn’t work, and we’ll all grow wiser together.

God bless you all. Jason Kent