Passing On Hope

Bonnie Emmorey

Bonnie Emmorey

A while back, Jason Kent wrote of how anyone could become a part of Speak Up for Hope by reaching out to the prisons in their own area.  We love it when we see that happen.

Recently, a widow’s ministry group decided to do that very thing.  They collected items to donate to a visitation center.  They located a nearby State Prison for Women, but discovered that not all prisons were open to having toys & games in their visitation park.  However, something even more amazing happened.  The prison would take the boxes, and allow the women inmates to give the items as Christmas gifts to their own children during the Christmas visitations!

In an email from this South Carolina group, these words were shared:

“Because of the inspiration we have gained from your foundation–and from Carol’s testimonies–there will be children whose mothers are in SC State Prison system– getting presents from their mother this Christmas. We thank you for that inspiration and may God bless you in all your work.”

We at Speak Up for Hope thank all of you – starting with the Widow’s Ministry Group in South Carolina for picking up the Hope banner and passing on the Hope to those in your own area.  Have a very Blessed Christmas!