• Seeking a New Normal

    Carol Kent and Penny Williams
    Our counseling services are designed especially for you. It is our desire to come along side and assist you in dealing with your “new normal”.

    Counseling helps promote health, healing and positive change. Experiences may be explored to determine if unresolved issues are impeding the healing process. We are here to help identify and process those things that are having a negative impact and to assist in developing life skills to facilitate the goal of living joyfully in painful circumstances.

    Meet Penny

    Penny Williams
    Penny’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Developmental Psychology from Michigan State and a Masters in Marriage and Family studies from Wayne State University. In addition to Penny’s 15 years of experience in working with women on a wide variety of issues, she assists Carol Kent with Speak of for Hope (SU4H), a ministry designed especially for those impacted by incarceration.

    Penny has been the online calming voice of reason for the Speak Up for Hope hotline since 2005. Many people have been able to resolve a crisis by implementing her words of wisdom and prayerful insights.

    If you desire online or phone counseling, information on this service is available toll-free at (888) 987-1212.

    A limited number of partial scholarships are available as needed. Please email Info@SpeakUpForHope.org for more information.

    As a partner with Speak Up for Hope, our desire is to help you emerge from this experience victoriously, and then to serve others as a result of your personal challenges.

    DISCLAIMER: While counseling services are a part of Speak Up for Hope, and while our recommended counselors are all licensed therapists, (1) SU4H makes no other warranties nor representations concerning them; (2) Nor shall Speak Up for Hope be liable for damages arising from a counseling relationship, in any regard; (3) nor does SU4H suggest that only its approved counselors could be of assistance to you.