• 18Jan
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    Ron, Jason, and Gene

    Ron, Jason, and Gene

    Special Notice:

    A position is open in the Gene Kent In Line Waiting Ministry. Gene developed this ministry in response to the needs of people waiting in line for visitation at Hardee Correctional Institution.  While waiting, Gene talks to people, and when needs are revealed, he responds with help.  It may involve helping them understand the clothing rules for visitation, providing oversized t-shirts, or just listening to their frustrations and showing his availability as a friend

    Speak Up for Hope just received a letter from a visitation line friend who knows Gene as “Kent.”  She shared a medical challenge with “Kent” and he was kind and comforting, and then he checked on her in subsequent visits.  She found his support meaningful enough to write about it.

    The open position:  It is for you, where you are, and this ministry has your name on it.  Do what God puts in your heart to serve others.  You will be a blessing, and you will be blessed.

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